Education has become the bedrock of every strong nation therefore opportunity must be given all who want to be educated. It is in this light that Diligent Citizens Foundation  created its Adult Literacy wing. To help all those who want to read and write both local languages and English. Currently, we have about fifteen students … Read more.

‘Brain Gym’ programme is a one year programme that seeks to educate children between the ages of eight(8) to fifteen (15) on  basic of computer programming. All who enroll in this programme would benefit from the sound teaching of programming professionals from … Read More

Sometime, all that is needs is just a word timely spoken, a saying, wisely crafted, a message accurately communicated, to put a smile  into the lives of others. That is why diligent citizens foundation is very focused on mobilizing the best intelligence human capacity to motivate our youths in the areas where we work. … Read More