Diligent citizens foundation is an non-governmental, non-denominational, non-religious, non-profit social organization in Ghana that is focused on forming active social groups to affect changes at the community levels. Incorporated in the year 2014, on the 1st December, Diligent Citizen is committed to its goals and strategic objectives in achieving a balanced and effective community workforce. This foundation seeks to bring to bare the strong relationship between diligence at national duties and overall national success. Bringing together the diligent citizens of this country and the world at large, we seek to make a difference through collaborative thinking and national inclusion. The founder Mr. David Siaw Donkor (a computer Scientist and social worker) is a diligent servant of the world with a great passion of contributing to the development of people especially through education, training and true leadership. Most of the projects outlined here are projects he proposed when he was just a small boy. With full commitment to growth, he works with the finest of teams to ensure great and accurate results.

Our Aims

We aim at reducing corruption in our communities through youth-led community network groups.

We also aim at developing critical thinkers for the future of the African continent through strategic and dynamic leadership training and mentorship.

Our Objectives

  • To education, inform and alert citizens on their responsibilities to their countries and their respective rights.
  • To motivate youths, children and the community in general to live deliberate exemplary lives that merits recognition.
  • Empower citizens through vocational training and adult literacy programmes.
  • Mobilize community human resources to address the needs of those communities.
  • To empower children and youth to embrace technology and change.
  • To be the eye of government in every community we operate.

Our Vision

What we see from here is a future of Africa devoid of corruption, which did not come by change but forged under the diligent arms of its dedicated citizens.

Our Motivation

If we all decide to build a wall around the world, I assure you that we can. No doubt, we can.

Our Mission Statement

The wisest way to avoid the problems of tomorrow is to live it today.