Project Background

UNICEF on their website, recorded that Ghana had a total adult literacy rate from 2008-2012 was 71.5%. Well visiting the village like Fianko, Afadjato, Osai Kurodua and other villages in the central region, proved the opposite. This is because about 80% of the inhabitant of these villages had no formal education and can barely read nor write any language. Those who had been through formal education could barely spell their own names. Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. We as change makers could not relent but borrow the wisdom of our great leader. These people lack the basic necessity of life and what we seek to provide is a solution to this problem of ours. John Dewey adding his voice said that education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Before basic education became completely free in this country, those with limited financial resources could not meet financial demands of education in this country (Ghana). The limitation created a new role for children on the farms denying them of education. Most people within the ages of thirty-five(35) and sixty (60) lack basic education. These people who have basic knowledge in arithmetic and bookkeeping become the traders of our societies. They do fairly well in business but we believe that if we provide them with the ability to read and write, they would be able to keep their books better and maximize their profits in business.  If we do not give these people the chance to be educated, then we take away their life as Dewey quoted. The rest of this document contains all the information about the project implementation.

Aim of the Project

The project aims at educating as many adults as possible in areas of English, Local Languages, Arithmetic and book keeping in various villages of Ghana through the establishment of learning centers .

Project Scope

The project is a continuous programme that runs throughout the years. We teach local languages, English language and Numeracy. In fact by three months, students are able to read and write their local languages and we build upon their first languages to teach them English.

Target Group

The project is open to all who would like to know how to read and write.

Project Details

The project is not expensive to run but yield exponential results. All that is needed is a convenient place to meet the students. We get people from each community who would like to volunteer at least two hours of their educational time to help improve community. It was amazing how people responded the first time they heard about contributing to the development of their nation.


Our first training school is at Ofaakor a town near kasoa and we plan to expand to all communities in Ghana Renting or building one facility at a time.


The community service approach to tutoring has taken the huge burden of tuition cost and basic resources are catered for by a monthly resource fee of $3.00. per student. This would be used to procure markers, wipers, pay for utility and teaching and learning materials.


Education cannot be sideline if national growth is the goal. Education is the lifeline of every community. The more enlightened the community is about the importance of education, the faster its growth. This adult literacy programme would help beneficiaries read, write and keep accurate records of their businesses. It will give them confident to go anywhere and make good contracts and transactions especially at the banks. This in totality would improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries.