Project Aim

BRAIN GYM is a project geared towards the development of talented Information Technology children who will champion the development of the next generation of technologies, by creating a programming lab for children between the ages of 8 and 15.

Project Background

In most societies in Ghana, especially in remote area, there are millions of kids who are so much fascinated and enthusiastic about technology. However, there is absolutely no help for these young people who want a future in Information Technology. These children grow up forgetting about their passion. Most computer scientist and information technologist write the first computer programmes at the university level. This is very shameful since a computer program can be written by children.

Most children only dream of touching keyboards, they never really do in most cases. Some want to understand it, whiles others want to use it, others prefer to exploit it whiles others love to befriend it. In all these ways, if any child is guided well, he or she is bound to make great success in information technology.

We believe that children are not being prepared to challenge the rest of the world in the creation of the technological front-ends. Kids with the same cognitive abilities as those of other worlds are being trained to limited their lives to some dictionaries and rain-forest memorization. The googles, whatsapps, facebooks and many games on our phones and tablets were all created by people who were introduced to Information Technology early in their lives. This project aims to teach children how to make simple computer programs and develop them through the ladders of computing.

In the larger picture, we believe that the current corrupt nature of this country and the African continent, can be reduced by computer systems. Training these kids is our best shots for future corruption free country, continent and world.

How it solves the problem

Our project will provide a platform for young children between the ages of eight(8) to fifteen(15) to have access to computer and internet connectivity two (2) hours every day. Thirty minutes would be used for the reading and completion of assignments through internet research and collaboration. The other one and half hour would be used to go through a tailored computer science for kids curriculum designed to fit the needs of the society.

In most cases, because children would like to come to the computer lab, they would have to go to school because it would be one of the criteria of admission. They would do their assignments at the same time grow to become computer experts in the field of mobile programming, game programming, networking, web programming, multimedia development and interestingly debating skills class will help each student.

How you can help

You can contribute to this project by:

  • Donating computers, laptops or tablets to the training centre.
  • Donating Projector to the training centre.
  • Releasing a building resource in your locality for the training program or give the foundation a time slot (minimum of 2 hours) for training at your cafe.
  • Donating towards the payment of utilities and the purchase of office equipment.

If you want to volunteer on this project, kindly fill the online application form here