READ 2016

I cannot imagine holding a book and never being able to read it or taking a loan application form for my business and not knowing how to fill it but ask the bank to help me fill it. The mere fact that people cannot read or write even make them scared of entering certain public places. Sometimes, the scenario is made for only adults but moving towards the villages, you will come across some young men and women who do not know how to read or write and feel shy to make it known or take any steps to improve that.

In all aspects of society, we realize that illiteracy holds down people and it blocks their mind for technological and innovative advancement. Anytime, you meet people who can read or write, you experience an inner energy of self-confidence as compared to those who cannot. Education therefore cannot be an option for any human but a necessity to make their humanity complete. Most who cannot read nor write have low self-esteem and it is the reason why most sins in our societies are perpetrated by uneducated people. When people are educated, they know how to comport themselves in all things through the knowledge acquire through diverse reading.

To implement this project, we are setting up a Mini Library where we can stock with many reading books that would help those who cannot afford buying their own books. The brain is like a knife that must be sharpened else becomes blunt is a common adage in the Akan dialect. Providing reading materials for the people will eliminate the excuse for not reading.

Project Aim

The project targets to help adults and young adults who cannot read nor write to start do so before the end of the year 2016. It is our target that members of the community who would participate in the project would live happier lives and aspire to move on the high-paid jobs that involves books.

Target Community

The project targets the town of Ofaakor at Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana. Although this town is near the central of capital of the country, most people in the town do not aspire to be educated and we believe starting such a programme will even motivate the young ones who have dropped out of schools to go back to school.

Target Groups

I have been talking about adults and young adults as if children have been left out of the package. Within the Read 2016 project, each student is motivated to read hundred books before the end of 2016. This is not only going to improve their diction but the quality of expressions and passes in the English language in the BECE and WASSCE. The place records very bad results in English and Mathematics currently and we envision that this project will help solve that problem. We do not target any specific age group but anyone who desires to read and write both Local languages and the English language.

Projected Outcomes

We expect that community members would participate in their numbers and by the end of the programme will know how to read and write and continue to enjoy reading and writing.
Children who take advantage of the project are expected to have their English improved drastically.
Those who take advantage of the mini library facility can learn at a lower cost or no cost and those who want to complete their assignments can do so after some researches.

Projected Challenges

Although the project will benefit the people, it would quite tedious convincing them to enroll since forms are sold for GH¢5.00 equivalent to $ 1. 35 cents. We are still finding ways of doing away with the financial burden on the learner so that most people can participate.
Children who come to the library might like to steal some of the books home so maximum security must be ensured.

What we already have

  1. A building facility for the training and Mini Library,
  2. Tutors for the various courses
  3. Writing board for lessons
  4. Teacher’s Manual for the adult literacy class

How to Help

We have never achieved anything without your generous help. You can support this project by:

  • Donating Books to the Mini Library.
  • Donating Funds for the purchase of more books.
  • Donating study materials to the centre.
  • Help motivate trainers with stipends.
  • Support it on facebook.