The family is the building block of every society. It is the fibre that holds all things in the world together. Unintentionally, people are creating families that are broken, separated, dispersed and unhappy. Love, the energy for human unity and existence now walks on the isle of loneliness, looking for a way to depart from every home. Lots of people are sitting unconcerned but our children need homes to grow up to be responsible, to be creative and dynamic, to be confident and courageous. They need the backing of the family.

It is in this light that Diligent Citizens Foundation has put together “Smart Adults’ Seminar”, a seminar to enlighten adults on their roles of parenting and how it reflects in their children as they grow. It is very easy to identity a child from a broken home in the community, schools, churches and anywhere they may be. This implies that the indelible mark of a broken home might live with a child for the rest of his or her life.  If you look into the eyes of a young girl who is defiled by her uncle right under the roof of her father for two consecutive years almost every day and she is too afraid of the father to discuss this with him or the mother because she is not her friend, you will understand us.

“Broken Home” does not only stand for the situation of divorce but the home where there is no love or care for members of the family and each member of the family carries his or her duties without recognizing the value of the other members. There are therefore lots of broken homes in the world and this is escalating with time. It is attributed mostly to economic constraints and the need to spend more but is this the real problem?

Parenting a Millennial hasn’t been easy and lots of parents are struggling to find the square pegs that fit. There are questions that we believe that every parent should have answers to in other to rightfully parent a millennial. These answers are what our seminar seeks to provide on the 18th June, 2016 as we meet with the best in the teachings of parenting.

It is good with what you are currently doing as a parent, what if you knew more? Could you do more? Come and join us dive deep into the hidden secrets of family bondings, the secrets of the millennial, and the creation of love, from both spiritual and social point of view.


We task ourselves with the responsibility to create lively home where quality human resources can be produced for the development of the country.


Organize seminars, conferences, workshops on the parenting to help boost the knowledge of parents and children on the need to see the family as a unifying component of the country.

Engage family in activities that bridge the gap between members of the family.


The programme targets parents or potential parents who want to make their homes a welcoming place for their kids. Whether married or single does not matter, it is the knowledge and how you use it. It would be excellent for church leaders, society leaders,parents, and anyone who feels parenting is important.


We are expecting about 300 adults at the seminar.


Due to the cost associated with organizing such an event, each ticket cost GHs 5.00 for single parents and GHs 7.00 for couples.

Tickets are Available at : Pink FM, Online, All Assemblies in the Ofaakor District C.O.P, Alico Information Centre,


The programme location was chosen to favor all who live in Kasoa, Amanfrom, Brigade, Budumburam Camp,  Ofaakor, Akweley and those in the environs.




4th June, 2016 – Street Selling of Tickets

11th Discussion at Pink FM on the Seminar

18th June, 2016 SEMINAR COMES OFF


From 3:00pm to 7:00pm

There will be personality Identification test before the Speeches so all most endeavor to come early.


The church of Pentecost Akweley Chapel  at Kasoa

Note: The Akweley Church Premises is a venue for the programme and it should not be considered a church event.