Independence from slavery has raised unto us a gift of freedom. Led by gallant soldiers and a swarming army of freedom fighters, the nation Ghana was established on the blood of our forefathers. Most of us lost our fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings and friends to this quest for freedom. Blood has already been shed on the land for the sake of freedom and peace and no further blood should be spilled in the process of electing our leaders.

With regards to our election on 7th December 2016, our humble plea to every citizen of the Republic of Ghana is “go to your Polling Stations, cast your votes for the person that best have the interest of the nation at heart and be the agent of peace.” Our single responsibility on that day is to elect a leader for the nation not for a political party, a single region or selected tribe.

No tribe rules this country! It is owned by all. No region holds the leadership of this country, it is a seat for all. Let no man divide you on ethnic or territorial grounds, for we are people of a common destiny.

When political leaders come to you with presents to vote for them and not with ideas, surely they do not respect you but envision you as a non-patriotic citizen with a mind of corruption, a brain of ignorance and a heart of perversion. Our simple questions to you who accept brides to vote are these, do you not love your country? Has greed engulfed you to the extent that you have no understanding? Has corruption been your garment and you eat shame daily?

Get up, throw away your shame, clothe yourself with dignity and go to the polls come 7th December, 2016 to cast your vote based on your personal analysis of manifestos presented by political parties or follow the decision of an unbiased intellectual you know.

Beloved people, Ghana will not fight, Ghana will continue to win but a little caution to the forces that balance our society.

Most human will behave like savage animals unless controlled. It is the responsibility of our security forces to maintain peace at every cost. To our electoral commission and their recruited agents, justice is the key to peace. Let all processes be fair, clear, credible and just and peace will have no other place but here. When people are cheated, pushed and killed unfairly, denied justice that is due them, peace becomes an annoying word, the heart grows like cancer and corrupts the day and ruins the night. Let justice be the benchmark and peace will thrive.

Our political leaders who incite people into illegal activities should note that there would be no nation to rule if there is war in the first place and what is the worth of a leader without followers. For the love of Mother Ghana, never divide our people along tribal lands. Before, fear melted away the pride of the Ghanaian and political leaders were able to rule over us as a master over a servant but this is no more the story. Each citizen stands equal to each leader by constitutional rights.

To you who has been paid to cause trouble, when found and caught, your name will be tagged the destroyer of the nation and those who even bare your name will be ashamed. The nation will put you into prison and the political leader that hired you would deny ever sending you. Think carefully.

Our non-citizens who are involved in our political affairs, we assure you that we will deal with you as we desire of you should we fine you out. Those who seek political powers without legal citizenship documents, we will find you and make sure we do away with you. If you respect Ghana and its citizens, please stay out of our political affairs and let’s live in total peace.

Diligent Citizens seeks peace and will always make peace. Ghana will forever be the home of peace.

Before the election there is one Ghana, after the election there will still be one nation called Ghana.